Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Days of the Week

Here's an update on my "Week in the Life" project (as first mentioned back on April 26th: http://cynfulcreationscanada.blogspot.com/2010/04/week-in-life.html).

I thought you might like to see the "cover" pages for each day of the week. For each page, I printed out 8.5 x 11 inch photos and added cut-outs from a package I got at Michaels craft store that includes all sorts of different colours and patterns of letters.

Tuesday's photo was taken in a historic building in downtown Toronto where we had gathered for a company meeting. I loved the view out of the window of an old building across the street and the way the chandelier stands out against the dark background of the room I was in.

Wednesday's picture is a chestnut tree in bloom a few blocks away from my home. I was driving home from work that day and passed by this tree, had to stop and take a picture of it, it was so pretty.

For Thursday's cover, I used an image I downloaded from the Internet in honour of Earth Day. On Friday, as I discussed in my blog back on April 23rd (http://cynfulcreationscanada.blogspot.com/2010/04/doing-good-deeds.html), my company took part in Clean Up Toronto, a 20 minute exercise where a bunch of us went outside and picked up garbage from the sides of the roads around our office. My co-worker Kathy took this picture of Coretta and I with our garbage bags.

Saturday's photo was a bit of challenge to scan for some reason. My new printer had to try three times before it captured the whole image - perhaps because there is so much light space in the photo? It's a photo of a stoplight post near where I live. I like the way the paint is peeling off the street sign and the way the lines of the image look so stark against the grey sky of that day, with the blue signs and yellow stoplight adding just a touch of colour.

For Sunday, I took a picture of Max and I relaxing on the couch. On this particular relaxing day, I hung out in my pyjamas all day. When I'm home, Max is usually found somewhere nearby - either on my lap or sitting within a two foot radius (although even as I type this, he's actually sleeping in another room, which is quite unusual!)

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