Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Bizzy Weekend

For the second Saturday in a row, my original plans were changed and much for the better.

I had fully intended to go to the Christie outdoor antique show today and what a beautiful day it would have been for that. However, earlier this week, I got an email from Barb, the owner of the Bizzy B scrapbooking store, describing all the wonderful classes they were offering this weekend. I was already signed up to attend one last night but her email was so energetic and well-written, I was inspired to take two more classes today!

In spite of having such an enjoyable time last night and today, I have resisted the urge to take the classes being offered during the day tomorrow and on Monday night, and it's just as well because I have to say, I exhausted!! But in a good way. That special kind of tired when you've been learning all sorts of new and exciting things and your brain is so full of information and creative ideas that you feel like you can't possibly formulate another thought or make a decision to save your life, you just need to lie down for a little while or veg in front of the TV for long enough to get the energy to put yourself to bed!

Tomorrow, I shall tell you all about the classes I took but in the meantime, you can check out the Bizzy B website ( if you want to read any of the details about the classes offered for the rest of this weekend. They're being taught by Jen Starr, a certified instructor for the Ranger line of products (, who is in town from New Jersey and who will also be teaching at A Scrapbooker's Dream in Bolton (run by the wonderful Elizabeth, whom I met originally in a class at Beadfx and then again last year at the Bead & Button show, on Tues and Wed next week.

Here's a picture of our group from this morning - me on the left, then Jen, Barb (one of the owners of Bizzy B), Vicky and a lady whose name I did not get.

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