Sunday, April 18, 2010

Too Pooped

I was going to tell you all about my day at the Elora Antique Show but I'm too pooped. I got up very early this morning to do a couple loads of laundry before heading out to Moffatt to meet up with my friend Barb at 10 a.m., who then drove us to Elora. We checked out the antiques, had some rather bland chili at the show's snack bar (still regretting not having a slice of the lemon meringue pie they had on offer) and then spent some time walking around the shops in the town itself. After we got home to her place in the late afternoon, we hung out in the hot tub while her husband Wayne made dinner on the barbeque. After we ate, we took the dog for a walk then I jumped in the Cherry Bomb and drove home. So now I'm too tired to type, which means I'll just quickly show you some of the photos of a few of the cool things we saw today.

This Hoosier cabinet was in perfect condition, complete with sugar drawer, flour sifter, glass spice bottles, a pull out bread board and a pull out stainless steel work surface. If I had a spare $1500 and somewhere to put it, I would have snatched it up myself, it was that lovely. By the time we circled around the arena to see the other booths and came back to this location, the cupboard was gone and rightly so.

Barb bought this lovely hooked rug for only $45. It was in perfect condition and much larger, prettier and more well made than some of the others we saw.

You will be surprised to learn that all I bought was some vintage lace and eyelet trim. This was rather a fancy, high priced antique sort of sale, not the cheap and cheerful, one step up from a yard sale sort of sale I prefer. Lots of beautiful stuff but wayyyyy out of my price range for most items.

I resisted the urge to buy this vintage children's bagpipe set, even though I've always wanted to learn to play. I also wanted this antique typewriter but couldn't lift the darned thing.

As always, Kate McKinnon is right - there is a black jaguar to be found at every sale and today was no exception. However, I must say I found this particular example to be quite unique - it was a lamp with a funky Jetsonesque shade and fake daisies adorning the base (sorry the picture is out of focus, I was trying to take the photo without the too chatty dealer noticing).

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