Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If It Ain't Broke

I almost got a new sink today. When I came home from work last night, there was a note from the property manager advising that they would be coming in today to install a new sink in my bathroom. What I couldn't figure out was why. I hadn't asked for a new sink or discussed either of my two bathroom sinks with management at any time. Neither one of them were broken or cracked and they both work perfectly. One of them has two tiny spots where the enamel has chipped off - you can see from the photo how very tiny the one spot is, a little bit of white paint or liquid paper and no one would notice it.

This morning, I emptied out the cupboards under both sinks (since their note hadn't specified which one was being replaced) but as I was leaving for work, I thought I should just pop in to the management office and have a word with the superintendent to see what was what. I had been worrying over the time and expense they were about to spend installing a new sink to replace one that essentially had nothing wrong with it. Would they at least donate the old one to Habitat for Humanity or somewhere equivalent so it could be reused?

It was a good thing I asked! Turns out, it was a different apartment two floors above mine that was supposed to get the new sink. Someone had misread the numbers!

Which is just as well, because like the saying goes, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!

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