Friday, April 16, 2010

Awesome x 1000

My friend Sharon of The Psychic Cottage (see link on the right hand side of this blog) posted a link yesterday to an article in The Toronto Star about this guy who is blogging about every day, awesome things for 1,000 days in a row (and has just had a book published on the subject) and I thought I would pass along the information.

Here's the article: and here's the link to his actual blog:, which I have now added to my daily blog reading list, because the author, Neil Pasricha, is correct: we all need to focus on the positive aspects of our daily life. Simple things like the smell of fresh bread wafting out of a bakery, popping bubble wrap (I always love doing that! especially since I have learned that you can pop the bubbles and still use them as stencils for painting with) and a cold glass of water (with ice, please) on a hot, summer day.

His entry today (#525) is about a teacher that inspired and guided him in grade 3. The cool thing is, she sent him an email after reading the article in the paper. Now that's nice.

I have 2 teachers that I remember most fondly - Miss Madill, who taught me grade 4/5 (I did two grades in one year in the accelerated program) and whom I totally adored, and Mr. Houlden who taught me in grade 11. I also have fond memories of a teacher I had in grade 6, whose name escapes me at the moment but only because my brain isn't retrieving that particular info at this point in time - she always called me Rosemary because she said I reminded her of another little girl she knew, but she was very kind and friendly and only worked part-time and somehow shared duties with and was the perfect antidote for the very stern and crabby Mr. Brown who struck fear into the hearts of all students be they part of his 6th grade class as I was or under his supervision as principal of the school. He was the type that believed in giving boys the strap. Not that I ever did anything bad enough to find out what sort of punishment girls got (perhaps a ruler on the hand instead of a leather strap on your butt?) but he was frightening all the same.

So what everyday thing is awesome in your life today? For me, it's rubber car mats. I just finished washing mine in the bathtub so they will be nice and clean to put into my new car which I am picking up tomorrow. Somehow I have a feeling that tomorrow's awesomeness will have something to do with that "new car smell"!!!

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