Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Did the Easter Bunny bring you a basket this morning? Or have you been having an Easter egg hunt? We always used to find baskets of candy and other special treats hidden around the living room when we were kids. I think my favourite year was the one when I found a Partridge Family record album in my basket!

I went for a walk on Friday having assigned myself the task of taking pictures that made me think of Easter and/or Easter eggs. Here is the result:

1. Easter colours on a kid's riding toy (I had to "Kinnear" this shot, a term I learned from Kate McKinnon, when you sneak a photo without looking in the viewfinder so the subject doesn't know you're taking the picture i.e. of a celebrity when you don't want to intrude on their privacy - in this case, I didn't want the child's mom to know! as it happens, I didn't even get the kid in the shot!)

2. tree scar 3. neon "egg" 4. water thingy

5. a stone basket 6. hens and chicks 7. toys in the supermarket window 8. spirit ball

9. markings on the road 10. wire cover 11. green "egg" 12. pink cross

13. handcuffs (on a tree - wtf?) 14. sidewalk gum wad 15. convenience store lilies 16. graffiti

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