Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hippy Dippy Flowers

Today's lampworking class at Beadfx was about how to make what teacher Amy Waldman Smith calls "hippy dippy flowers". Three of us from yesterday's session returned today to learn the techniques involved in making these funky flower beads.

In this first photo, Deborah is watching Amy demonstrate how to start the bead. Here's a picture of one of the finished flowers Amy made - notice the polka dots on the petals (as compared to the ones below which don't have dots).

This next photo is of Tina melting some glass. She made the mistake of telling us her childhood nickname yesterday and then had to put up with us teasing her about it for the rest of our time together. She was a very good sport about it though! (check out her tattoos - I especially like the stars tucked just under her earlobe).

Here are a couple more of Amy's samples. I can't decide which one I like better. Sadly, these ones and the purple one above are all destined for the scrap heap, just like the demo beads from yesterday that didn't make it into the kiln. Such a pity, they were so pretty!

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