Thursday, April 29, 2010

Aqua Shimmer

My latest Inspiration was posted on the Beadfx website as of midnight last night and featured on their weekly email yesterday. It's called Aqua Shimmer because of the beautiful teal coloured beads Dwyn gave me to work with on this project. I love their colour and their shape. She gave me two strands so I just had to make earrings and a bracelet to match the necklace. The brushed silver beads were also treat to work with, they just look so good! Normally I go for a polished silver look but these really grew on me.

I've included a few photos of the pieces that I took myself. I have borrowed a page (if you'll pardon the pun) from Rachel Nelson Smith's modus operandi and used a book at the background for the jewellery. I quite like the finished effect. Although, having seen photos from the recent Kate McKinnon/Kyle Cassidy photo workshop, I think perhaps next time I shall have to try using a textured Tupperware lid instead!

However, you really need to check out Dwyn's photos on the Beadfx website, which you will find here: As usual, they are stunning. They always make me say, "I made that????"

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