Monday, April 5, 2010

Company Coming

I'm having some people come stay with me this week. I thought it was going to be for one night only but now it appears it will be at least two and possibly three. Not that it matters how long they stay, I'm very much looking forward to having them visit, but when I went away for the long weekend, I thought I was ready for the visit and all of a sudden I'm not. For example, I have run out of toilet paper, am getting low on milk and should pick up some extra breakfast food items. I've had a few of my shower curtain hooks break in recent weeks which led to feeling the need to change the shower curtain liner as well.

I'm also at that point in the year when psychologically, I really need to clean out the inside of my car. Floor mats pick up so much dirt over the winter from salt and snow melting off wet boots, they look totally disgusting by the time spring rolls around. You don't notice it when it's cold and grey outside but all of a sudden, it's sunny and there is this dirty mess at your feet that you notice every time you climb in and out of the car. It's not worth it to clean the mats too early in the spring season but we've had such wonderful warm, sunny weather the past few days, I am itching to get the car cleaned out. So I'm hoping to squeeze in a trip to the car wash before my guests arrive to use that nice, big vacuum they have.

I'm also checking out various websites in order to help my guests plan their visit. It's hard to narrow down all of the wonderful attractions that Toronto has to offer into a mere day or two but I'm working on it! Some of the highlights will definitely include: the Royal Ontario Museum, Casa Loma, the Eaton Centre and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Optional items (time and weather permitting) are the CN Tower, City Hall (check out the fabulous photo above!), the Bata Shoe Museum, Dundas Square, the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art and the Textile Museum. Things that will probably have to wait until a future visit: the Science Centre, the zoo and the Botanical Gardens.

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