Friday, April 2, 2010

A Good Friday Indeed

Whatever your religious affiliations (or not), here are some of my reasons why it's a feel good Friday:

1. Record breaking warm temperatures - today's temperature of approx. 22C broke the record for highest temperature on this day set more than 40 years ago and far exceeds the normal high expected for this day on the calendar which is only 9 degrees!

2. It's humid, so it seems even warmer.

3. It's a stat holiday, so most of us could sleep in and not go to work today (my sympathies to those who did have to).

4. I filed my tax return this afternoon - gotta love online preparation software and filing. Okay, my refund is less than $100 but at least I don't owe anything!

5. I didn't have much on my "to do" list for today and I actually got everything done!

6. Which left time for a nap, curled up with my sleeping cat.

7. After my nap, I went for a nice long walk and took lots of pictures (which I shall share with you over the next 2 days).

8. Ended my walk with a trip to the variety store for an ice cream sandwich. Yum!

I hope your Friday was good too!

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