Monday, October 20, 2008

Wire Wrap Class #3

Tonight was our third and last wire wrapping class with Robert Burton (who, sadly, doesn't have a website for me to share with y'all).

First off, we made earrings, which look like this (minus the ear wires):

Then we wrapped a cameo, which turned out like this for me:

And here's a picture of what it looks like on the back, with the "x" to hold it in place (apparently, this was the technique we were learning, it can be used to hold almost anything, Robert says):

One of the lovely ladies in the class, Jan, was having a few technical difficulties with her piece at the beginning, as the stone slips around quite a bit during the first couple of steps, until you get it anchored in place, so she went ahead and finished the piece on her own without benefit of Robert's directions. Here's a picture of her piece, which I think turned out pretty cool:

Janine, Jan, Karen and I decided we would like to take more classes together, as we had so much fun sitting at our end of the table and giggling away through most of the class. Robert was very patient with us, I think it was because he was wearing something called a water stone that is a rock with water trapped inside, that is supposed to help you solve problems and flow through obstacles. We figured he was wearing it in order to give him the strength to put up with us! Thanks to everyone for making it a great class.

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