Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's an Addiction with a capital "A"

My friend Sharon wrote about her addiction to Raggedy Ann dolls the other day in her blog, which got me thinking about my own harmless addictions. The current one I have is to beads. I am loving them more and more every day. I enjoy putting them together to see what I can make as well as seeing what other people do with their visions and talent.

Overall, it's a relatively harmless addiction, although somewhat damaging to my wallet, as the more beads I see, the more I want to buy to make more stuff of my own, or to take another class to learn how someone makes what they do. Having a 9 to 5 job tends to interfere with the creative process, given that I have to go to work Monday to Friday instead of staying home to play with the beads all day but at the same time, it pays for the beads!

I am also getting somewhat addicted to blogs. I like reading other people's postings, to see what they've got to say about the world and themselves. I especially enjoy reading blogs that my friends have written, because it's a way of learning more about who they are and what interests them and finding out what we have in common. It's a fascinating glimpse into their psyche. I also like reading random blogs of total strangers. It's a bit voyeuristic but also quite interesting and informative. And of course, I'm having fun writing my own.

The best part is when my two addictions join together in a delightful way, as happened today. Kate McKinnon ( is the woman who taught me how to make things from precious metal clay earlier this year and she has a fascinating blog, full of her amazing metalwork creations, news of the day, political commentary, baseball, nature and you name it. One of her postings today is a link to the website of a woman named Michele Goldstein, who makes the coolest glass beads - check it out: - I am totally loving her skull beads and little bones! I'd love to know how to make them and will hopefully be able to take a class from her some day, but for now, I am just totally in awe of Michele's very cool fabrications!!

And then of course there is my addiction to the game Free Cell, which isn't related to beading at all, I just love to play it whenever I can...

Here's a picture of Kate and me that was taken this past May when she taught PMC at Beadfx.

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Anonymous said...

Cynthia. Your addiction makes you so happy. It's written all over your face. Way to Go! Sharon (The Psychic Cottage.)