Friday, October 3, 2008

Flamboro Antique Show

As the warm weather begins to fade at this time of year, it means the end of the summer outdoor antique shows in Ontario. For some strange reason, people aren't so keen to wander around a field looking at antiques when there's snow on the ground - hmm, go figure! Tomorrow is the last one of the season and my friend Barb and I are headed out to look for treasures. We try to go at least once a year and usually twice, in the spring and fall. It's usually too hot in the actual summer months to spend hours walking about, but the spring and fall sessions have their drawbacks too, usually as it relates to rain and/or cold. But we've learned to dress warmly so we can stay as long as we want. We're hoping the kettle corn vendor will be there to provide us with a tasty snack to fuel us for our expedition. Since it's the last market of the year, we're also hoping to find some end-of-the-year bargains. I'm focused on finding some vintage beads that I might be able to fashion into something new. But you just never know what is going to catch your eye. You might go with an idea to look for a certain something and come home with something completely different that you didn't know you needed or wanted until you laid eyes on it. That's part of the fun of a flea market treasure hunt. :)

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