Sunday, October 26, 2008

Dreaming of Hallowe'en

I woke up yesterday morning, having been dreaming about making jewellery for Hallowe'en. Do you do this? Dream about design ideas? Last week, I had a dream about a fabulous formal outfit - I wanted to sketch it as soon as I woke up and rush out to find a seamstress to make it for me, except (1) I'm not that good an artist and (2) sadly, I don't need a fancy dress for any upcoming occasion at the moment. The image has stayed in my head though, so I'll be ready if anything comes up.

The Hallowe'en dreams put me in the mood for the holiday (and temporarily put Christmas designs on the back burner) but I had to postpone the making of those creations until today, as yesterday was scheduled for the cottage. We're closing up for the winter, so there are leaves to be raked, fridges to clean out and defrost one last time, and bedding to be put away. But the Hallowe'en theme was on my mind and it was a good thing, as the drive up to the cottage was very spooky - very wet and foggy, everyday shapes looked very unusual and unrecognizable as they materialized out of the fog, until you got close enough to see what it was. The remaining fall colours were very muted but still pretty in the gleaming wet.

Fortunately, the rain stopped early afternoon, giving us a chance to work outside in comfort. Thank goodness it wasn't too cold. What a difference two weeks has made! If you scroll back to my post from October 15th, you will see a beautiful view of the lake with colourful leaves on the trees. Those leaves are all gone now, here's what it looked like yesterday:

Okay, the pretty leaves aren't actually gone, they've just moved to their new location:

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