Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Vive la France!

Today is my boss/friend Kelly's birthday. Lucky girl, her husband has taken her to Paris to celebrate the occasion! How I loved Paris when I was there earlier this year, I'm sure they will both have a wonderful time.

I made a bracelet to commemorate the day and the trip for her:

I am really enjoying making charm bracelets - many thanks to Dwyn Tomlinson of Beadfx for showing me how she makes hers. This one has a birthday cake and a fleur de lis, as well as a couple of charms I made this past summer during a week long PMC class taught by Kate McKinnon in a small village called Durfort in the south of France (will post more about that adventure at a later date!) and of course, lots of red, white and blue beads to represent the French colours.

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