Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Successful Shopping Excursion

Home from the antique show and feeling quite weary but very pleased with my various purchases. Had a great time in Moffatt with Barb and Wayne, many thanks to them for taking me out to dinner last night at the Mohawk race track. Didn't win any money on the horses but had a lot of fun trying!

Saw a lot of wonderful things at the antique show. Brought a few of them home, left a few behind that I might regret but there's always next year! Here's a picture of Barb (in the red vest) perusing the offerings. I love the juxtaposition of the saddle beside the fur coat just tossed carelessly in the plastic container. I'll bet both items were greatly treasured by their original owners, who would be quite surprised to see them where they were today. Wonder if either item found a new home today?

My friend Kate says there's always a black panther at a flea market but we could only find a tiger. Every market we went to in France had owls for sale, and this one was no exception!

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