Thursday, May 31, 2012

Speaking of Decorative Tape

I got this idea from Michelle Geller's blog, even before I knew she was sending me 12 rolls of the stuff from Target.  She had posted here about a cute little cassette case she'd picked up at Goodwill.  I liked her idea so much (and because I totally loved that floral pattern she found!), I went looking for the same thing on my next trip to Value Village. 

For the same $1.99 that she spent, I found something the same but different, with 3 drawers and a dark brown, "faux wood" style.  With a few stickers added just for the heck of it (clearly "Deb" didn't believe in overdoing it when it came to decoration).

But that's okay. The drawers went in the dishwasher and came out perfectly clean.  The case wiped off and out easily enough, followed by a little Mod Podge, some dictionary pages and Tim Holtz tape for the top and now it looks completely different.

I put a little dish of cat litter inside for a day or two to take away the dusty, unused smell. Worked like a charm.

The holder itself works perfectly.

I was worried I wouldn't be able to fit in all my tapes but as it happens, I even have room for one or two more rolls.  Then again, maybe I should keep my eyes open for another one like this, just in case I have the urge to buy more tape at any time in the future (like when Mary Ann Moss blogs about new tape she has ordered). It could happen.  ;)

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Lori Wostl said...

I use paper towel holders and have most of my tape hanging - it is so pretty, I hate to hide it. I love your podged case though. Lori W at Art Camp for Women.