Thursday, May 10, 2012

Work In Progress

My friend Taylor asked to see the faces I am creating for Mindy Lacefield's online class called "Paint Your Story".  (She took Mindy's class at Artfest and you can see one of the faces she painted here.)

I drew this little face last weekend. I was getting ready to go out on Saturday night and I had 10 minutes to spare before I needed to leave.  So I sat down with my Neocolor pastel crayons and told myself I was just going to draw a quick face.  No pressure, no judgment, just 10 minutes of playing with crayons. I really liked how it turned out especially after I added a little water using a brush to blend the colours (because Neocolors are water soluble, they look just like watercolour paint when you wet them) and then I glued it into a page in my journal that so far just has a bunch of green stripes on it.  Haven't decided what I will do next with this page (will definitely start by painting over the edges of the paper on which the face was drawn, I can see from this scanned photo the harsh contrast of the white paper against the stripes of paint underneath - must fix that!) but I was really pleased with the cute little face.

This is the other face I made last Saturday. I'd been working on it in the afternoon before I got ready to go out.  It's not finished yet.  This is the result after the first two layers of paint, most of which was applied with my fingertips, which I loved doing.  I can still remember how much I loooovvved finger painting way back in kindergarten, definitely need to do more of that!


Taylor schapiro said...

Those faces look good. I like how you are using small smigets of time to do art. I never can seem to do that. Bravo.

Mindy Lacefield said...

love your faces darling girl. nice work!! i love the beginnings of the finger-painted face. nice use of color and shading. bravo! xoxo!