Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just One of Those Days

Today was one of those days when:

- my pyjamas had to go right into the wash at breakfast time after a certain cat neglected to wash her behind after using the litter box and before coming to sit on my lap (although she's too cute not to be forgiven for such a mild transgression, especially since it has taken a couple of months to get this foster cat to );

- a eBay purchase I made last week was delivered to my office.  Picked up a copy of the 2007 edition of The Rough Guide to Italy for only $1.99 plus $4.99 shipping - score! Way cheaper than to buy it new at $20 to $25 and I won't have any qualms about tearing out the sections I want to take with me on my trip or cutting out bits and pieces to glue in my journal.  Sure it's out of date but I'm not going to use it for restaurant or hotel recommendations and all the history and other info will still be helpful;

- I had a lovely, artful lunch with my friend Lorraine - we sometimes meet at the food court at the mall for a quick bite, during which we discuss our travel plans and ongoing art projects, followed by a quick visit to Michaels (today, she needed tubes of black and white acrylic paint and I used my 40% off coupon to pick up a set of Derwent Inktense pencils. I was also tempted by a set of acrylic alphabet stamps that were on sale for 50% off - yes!);

- I narrowly avoided getting drenched on the way back to work after lunch when the rain held off until I was inside the building;

- there were impressive thunderstorms with lightning and torrential downpours to entertain us during the afternoon;

- I wasn't so lucky after work, when I left the office literally two minutes too late to beat the weather and got rather soaked making my way across the parking lot to my car as the heavens opened up yet again;

- I didn't have any errands to run after work so I was able to stay safely and just slightly soggy in my car until I got home;

- I was grateful for the underground parking lot where I live, which meant I didn't have to go back out in the rain; and

- I savoured the joy of four little furry friends running to the door to greet me upon my arrival, prior to immediately changing out of my damp clothes and into a clean pair of jammies.

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irene said...

i hope you had fun today. can't wait to hear. miss you!