Friday, June 1, 2012

Things To Be Done

You know how it is when a vacation trip approaches, there is always so much to be done.  I've been making lists and collecting things I plan to take with me into piles, shopping for sunscreen, travel sized toothpaste and art supplies, considering what clothes to take, making arrangements for accommodations and cat sitting, that sort of thing.  Which is why I had to spend some time tonight sorting out the bookcase in my kitchen...

Okay, dealing with a slightly damaged bookcase wasn't originally on my list of things to do before my trip (did I mention I'm going to Italy?!) but last night I noticed, really became aware, that this particular bookcase was coming apart on one side.  So naturally, it had to be fixed.  Tonight. As soon as I came home from work. 

It was a simple job - I would just need to take everything out, push or hammer the pieces back into place and put the contents back onto the shelves.  I gave myself an hour to do it.  In the end, it only took an hour and a half, and the extra time was needed only because I decided once I'd emptied the bookcase and put it back together properly that maybe I'd rearrange the furniture a little bit, try something different.  Which involved moving around the contents of the bookcase and some things from my dining room, so it took a little bit longer.

But I'm glad I did it, because I'm quite pleased with how everything turned out.  My recipe books are now tucked into the top shelf of one of my kitchen cupboards for when I need them (which is rarely, I don't cook from a recipe that often).

I have a small pile of very large, heavy, never referred to in the past 20 years cookbooks by the front door, ready to be taken to Goodwill in the next day or two.  Why I'd kept them all these years, I don't know but I'm ready to let them go now.

I moved my $2.00 worth of bookcases to the space previously occupied by the falling apart bookcase, where they seem quite happy to be side by side instead of sitting apart as they were previously.  They fit into the space by the stove perfectly, with just enough room left over to tuck the broom.  They are holding several of my art supplies, including last week's antique show treasures, the rubber stamps in their holder and the cheque writing machine.

I put the now holding together quite nicely bookcase against the opposite wall and filled it with more art supplies, so they are close at hand for when I need them but not cluttering up the table when not being used.  There is also lots of room for some of the books from the bookcases in the dining room, which will then clear some much needed space in that room for other things to be tucked neatly into place (but that's a job for another day).

Man, it feels good when things are organized and in the place where they belong! And I'll be able to enjoy Italy that much more just knowing my bookcase back home isn't falling apart while I'm gone! ;)

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Lori Wostl said...

Know this syndrome well, have a world of things to get done in time and suddenly I'm cleaning the closet under the stairs...ah well. Lori W at Art Camp for Women (which starts in 2 days!)