Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Humourous May Theme

Here are photos of some of the pages made by my fellow Journal Junkies members, taken at last week's meeting.  As you may recall, the theme for May was "comics/humour".

This was Louise's page, based on a picture that always makes her laugh to remember the fun time associated with it.

Colleen made this adorably humourous page:

Bette did two spreads. In the first one, she showed a vintage shoe advertisement offering shoes for a mere $1.77 a pair on the left side, as compared to the prices of certain shoes today, as shown on the right.

In her 2nd spread, she featured a number of funny quotes and suggested we pick one:

Diana used wrapping paper featuring a character called Doris for her page:

Tune in tomorrow for part two of this post to see the journal pages made by Chloe, Marilyn and Joanne.


Anonymous said...

How about pages made by Cynthia?

Lori Wostl said...

I love Doris