Monday, July 11, 2011

The Letter "B"

Tonight was the July meeting of the Bizzy B art journalling group.  We don't have a name for our group yet, that is one of the items on the agenda for discussion tonight.  The first meeting was held in June, just a week before I left for Portugal, which might explain why it seems I forgot to blog about it!

Our first "assignment" was to create a journal page with the theme of the letter "B".  Here's how my page turned out:

First I painted the background blue, because it's a colour that starts with the letter "b" (you didn't really need me to explain that, did you?) 

Next step was to add a border to the page.  I volunteered to discuss the use of borders on journal pages at the meeting tonight, so I attached a variety of samples on this page to use as examples. Some of the possible things you could use are: buttons, ribbon, tickets stubs, decorative tape, photos or images cut from magazines, rubber stamps, and postage stamps. I'm sure I haven't covered all the possibilities, so feel free to leave a comment with any additional suggestions you might have!  Of course, putting a border on a journal page is, naturally, a personal decision. Not everyone feels the need to do so, not every page needs a border. It is entirely up to you.

Then I cut out various "B" words from a magazine (with the help of my very helpful sister, whose nickname is "Eagle Eyes") and taped them within the large letter B I drew in the middle of the page.  I even found an advertisement with Scrabble letters and was able to form the word "bodacious", one of my favourite "b" words - if only I had the tiles to play that word in an actual game, I'm sure it would score huge!!

The next step was to add various sayings to surround the big "B".  Of course, you can see Teesha Moore's influence on my page, especially with respect to the lettering, how could I not absorb every morsel of information that she taught us in her workshop in Portugal three weeks ago???

I am pretty pleased with how my page turned out, and also proud of myself that I didn't leave my homework until the last minute to finish, as I usually do!  My fellow journalers came up with with some amazing creations, I will have photos to share of some of the results in tomorrow's post.


martha brown said...

It was great meeting you tonight, Cynthia! Your journals are fabulous!

Max said...

Well done Cynthia - I love your "B" page it's Brilliant!!!

Pretty Things said...

That is SO cool!

LP Vintage said...

You did a great job, Cynthia!