Sunday, July 17, 2011

An Adoption Event

Abbey Cat Adoptions held an adoption event at Amber's Pet Depot in Mississauga this weekend. 

The store had opened two months ago but this weekend was their official grand opening and they had done a lot of advertising for the event.  Apparently yesterday was a super busy day and two cats were adopted, which spells success to me.  They have quite a good selection of pet food, supplies and animals there - fish, rabbits, gerbils, parakeets, little lizards and even crickets (which I don't mind one a time but seeing a whole mess of them in a container creeps me out)!  They even have a guest pigeon, who flew in yesterday and has so far decided to hang around.  We found out he was up in the rafters when he just missed pooping on me as I stood underneath him!

I took Gus and Beans there for a few hours today but it was a slow day, probably because it was Sunday and also because it was so darned hot! (it's about 9 pm as I write this and it's 31 degrees C/88 degrees F outside, feels like 38/100 with the humidity! Whoo hoo, bring it on, summer.  Six months ago, it was minus 21 degrees and we got 5 cm of snow, I'd much rather have the heat!!)

Neither Beans nor Gus seemed at all comfortable being in the cage, not only because it was a strange place for them but also perhaps because it was at floor level and there was a lot of activity all the time. Poor little things.  They seem much happier to be back home in a familiar environment, but it was worth a try, because they do need to find a forever home.

We had some other cute kittens at the shop today as well. This group is Coddington, Burbidge and Hubble and they are all cute as can be. They are about 15 weeks old.

Hubble is a major cuddle cat, he loves being held.  Sadly, none of the four cats I have living with me now are truly cuddle or lap cats, although they will all let me cuddle them briefly.  I have a feeling Hubble would never get tired of being cuddled, he seemed to enjoy it so much, no matter who held him.  I was seriously tempted to bring him home with me but I probably would have had a fight from both his foster mom and another one of the AC ladies at the event!

We also had the Spice Girls, six adorable 10 week old kittens named after various spices. 

Check out the spots on these two!!
I love how her paw looks HUGE in this photo!

It was nice to cuddle some tiny kittens again, it's been a while since I've had a litter staying with me! 

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