Sunday, July 24, 2011

Elvis Has Left The Building

Our second annual Elvis weekend has come and gone and once again, we had a fantastic time!!  (although I have to say it was quite surreal to be away enjoying a perfect summer weekend and having a good time with friends, and catching the news highlights about the horrifying events in Oslo, Norway and then the next day, hearing that Amy Winehouse was found dead.)

There were Elvis tribute artists (a.k.a. "ETAs") everywhere, it seemed.  I didn't take too many photos of them this year, as I felt like the shots would have been a lot the same as the ones I took last year. 

However, I still managed to take about 300 photos all together over the 3 days.  Here are some of the highlights of our weekend:

(1)  watching and listening to our very own rockstars Steve and Allan playing their guitars:
Steve and Allan
(2) seeing the Chilean mine disaster survivor, Edison Pena (on the left in photo below, posing with fans), whose love of Elvis tunes helped him survive the 69 days trapped underground last year, perform:

(3) the hospitality of our hostess Lyn, to whom we owe many thanks (thank you, thank you very much!):

(4) being in the presence of Mike's sideburns, which he started growing about 2 weeks ago:

(5) sitting on a patio at the village at Blue Mountain on Saturday afternoon, enjoying the summer afternoon and listening to Elvis performers. 

How hot was it?

Hot enough to melt crayons!

I really like this photo, it could be the real Elvis, couldn't it?

While we were there, we saw these ladies, all dressed up in silly hats:

(6)  taking this photo of Mike and a Priscilla look-a-like:

(7) seeing all the classic cars:

and motorcycles:

(8) dancing up a storm

at the Saturday night oldies dance at Lyn's condo, featuring The Boomerangs band, whose lead singer Norm Douglas is also an Elvis tribute artist:

(9) meeting my new young friend William, shown here getting an autograph from Norm.  William, an entrepreneur in the making, sold me a dollar bill with Elvis' picture on it for $1.00, which I thought was a good deal, until I learned he had bought the dollar bill for 25 cents! 

and finally, (10) hanging out with these very entertaining and completely crazy folks!
Darrin, Mike, Lyn, me, Allan and Steve
A 2nd shot with Sara, who was behind the camera for the 1st photo
A good time was definitely had by all!!

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Zoe Nelson said...

In the photo of Steve and Allan, is that Elvis' ghost in the window behind them?