Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Taylor Made

I was very excited to come home from work today and find mail art from Taylor in my mailbox!  Any time I get something in the mail besides bills (and it seems like there have been a lot lately, now that the mail strike is over, all the backlog envelopes are being delivered so we're getting twice as many bills at once, jeepers!), it's a good day but to get something pretty and hand drawn is a true delight.

The envelope had a cute little typical Taylor face she had drawn on the front and some really cool lettering:

The back of the envelope was sealed with polka dot tape - love it! Where can I get me some??

Inside, 40 different little swatches of Peerless watercolour paint pieces and a list of the names (which are fascinating, names like "Alizarine Red" and "Butterfly Wing" - can't wait to try them all!):

(if you haven't seen these, they are the best - paper that is totally saturated with watercolour paint, all you need is water and a brush).

Also in the envelope was an actual photo of me, Taylor, Libelinha (the woman formerly known as Laurie) and Linda, in front of a lovely view overlooking the city of Lisbon:

and finally, a wee note from Taylor written on a piece of paper with this photo on it:

Who are these little cuties, I wonder?  Perhaps Taylor knows, perhaps she will tell me, maybe she will keep it a secret...

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Taylor schapiro said...

Oh my gosh I never had a blog posting all related to me. Thanks. I almost feel like a celebrity. (I think this is my 15 minute of fame). xxoo