Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wednesday in Portugal

Yesterday's four hour summer afternoon work party turned into about 10 hours of hanging out with work colleagues/friends for me (it was such a beautiful summer's day, the drinks were so refreshing, the company so scintillating, the food so delicious, I didn't want to go home!) so my entry about Wednesday in Portugal while "Tapping Into The Flow" two weeks ago was delayed until now. Here are the highlights:

Morning workshop session:
MaryAnn and Teesha discuss MA's journal
A very focused Maxine
followed by lunch at an Italian restaurant in the marina in Cascais, where I enjoyed a fabulous risotto.

Walked past a beautiful cove at low tide (not me in the bikini):

then visited a Count's house, where Jane took a very cool photo with her spinner camera in the courtyard:

and where I snuck a few photos inside contrary to strict instructions from the staff person working there (couldn't resist the stunning marquetry on this cupboard!)

Next was a visit to the Paula Rego Museum - unusual architectural design outside (saw these sorts of chimney/pyramid thingys on several buildings in Portugal, don't understand the appeal myself):
Taylor plays tour guide
all but one room empty inside, as they were in the middle of changing the exhibits, but the museum shop kept us entertained.

Outside, this nice doggie wanted to follow us home, I was sad to leave him behind.

We wandered more picturesque, narrow streets
until we found ourselves at a sidewalk flea market of sorts,
Morag checking out the merchandise
where I bought a Portuguese version of Puss in Boots.

Late afternoon workshop session,
Teresa, Taylor, Jane and Elisabeth conferring
followed by a visit to Guincho Beach, which we all LOVED - we danced in the waves and took lots of goofy pictures of each other:

We had a light dinner at Muxacho, a restaurant overlooking the ocean, with a very cool outdoor pool and furniture made out of trees. 

We watched the sun set and wrote in our journals and took a taxi ride home along the coast in the dark, pleasantly exhausted after another jam-packed day of drama and delight.
Laurie journaling
Tracy in the rainbow

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