Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hosting Heather

Had a great visit last night and today with my buddy Heather. 

We spent most of this hottest July 21st since 1955 indoors, enjoying the air conditioning, watching journaling videos on the Internet and hanging out in our pyjamas until noon, when we decided it was time to get showered and head out for a quick trip out for lunch and a visit to Michael's for crafting supplies (had to be able to say we had at least experienced a little bit of the heat, if only for the very short time it took to walk from the car into the store!)

Heather also spent a little bit of time cat wrangling.  That's Miss Beans perched on top of the scratching post, with Gus looking on from below.

But mostly, we were busy all day putting together these journal covers:
Heather's on the left, mine on the right
I dropped her off at a coffee shop just off the highway around 8 tonight where her brother Tim picked met us to drive her back to her mom's house, and then I came home to finish sewing the signatures into my journal, because I'm going to fill it up this weekend.  It's just the right size to tuck into my purse and carry around with me. Tune in tomorrow to see where I'm going to be doing that. :)

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Pretty Things said...

HEAT! Oh gah, I hate the heat. Hate hate hate. I think that's what gave me one of the worst migraines I've had in a long time this past Tuesday!