Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cute Boys in Portugal

I've got cute boys on the mind since Monday night's art journalling class.  Okay, I lied, I've always got cute boys on my mind, it's true. 

Someone asked me if there were any cute boys in Portugal?  But of course! Europe is full of good looking men and Portugal is no exception.

Aside from the ones in our group - Tracy Moore (who could not be cuter, I totally wish I could clone him!)

Steve, Maryann's husband, looking wistfully out to sea at Guincho Beach

and Neil, Maxine's husband, of whom I have (sadly) no cute pictures (barely any photos of Neil at all, except for our group shot and a few out of focus/dimly lit shots from our fado evening, of which I have not yet told you, he was off golfing most of the time!), I have already told you about the handsome Portuguese actor, Joaquim - who usually plays a bad guy in the movies, who can resist a bad boy? - and Rodrigo, our cute as can be waiter on the first night, still young enough to blush when a table full of women flirted with him, there were also sexy surfers on the beach:

cute guys on the beach at Cascais

a cute little boy who was delighted to see us drive by in our horse-drawn carriages

and, my personal favourite, this guy who was wearing a t-shirt that said Toronto!

I was definitely channeling Kate McKinnon when I asked if I could take his picture.  He was passing me on the sidewalk and I asked if he was from Toronto.  He clearly didn't speak too much English, so I tried to say that I was from Toronto, the place on his t-shirt.  Then I asked if I could take his photo. 

Linda suggested that I was just trying to pick him up, I don't think she believed me that he was wearing a Toronto t-shirt.  Or maybe she thinks I should use this line all the time as a way to pick up guys.  As in, ask any cute guy I see if he is from Toronto, no matter where I am in the world, then ask to take his picture.  Could work.  Except I'll need to modify that approach when I'm actually in Toronto, of course! ;)

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Taylor schapiro said...

Could also work well in Toronto as you would catch many guys off guard- or some might think: hum... yeah how did you know that? You must be a smart cookie- and voila you can invite us to the wedding. Try it out and let us know how it goes.