Friday, July 15, 2011

Sintra Architecture

A few more photos from our carriage ride around Sintra, in Portugal. I love the "distressed" look that a lot of this architecture has, the warmth of the faded colours on the stone.

I especially liked the look of the old windows on this building:

but the broken, barely repaired door made me sad.

This is Sintra National Palace, a rather important historical building, given that it dates back to the 12th century.  Sadly, there are actually two of those conical kitchen chimneys sitting on top of this building like boring gray party hats.  Perhaps if they painted them cheerful colours, they would be more appealing? 

I don't know what this pretty pink building is but I liked the look of it

and this roof, which looks a bit like it has chess pieces sitting on top of it:

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