Monday, July 25, 2011

My Dream Car

If you asked me what my favourite car is, it would be this one, a Chevrolet Impala circa 1958, in exactly this colour:

I took these photos this past weekend at the Elvis Festival, they had a vintage car parade as part of the festivities.  Funnily enough, I went looking on Google for other photos of this car and found this one:

Photo by Christian Kath
via Wikimedia Commons
Coincidence? Maybe...


Nita Stelling said...

Now that's a classy car! A bit cute but also quite cool. Ha ha, it would be pretty nice to have a modern car and get it painted with the same color scheme, though it probably won't look as good as the original model.

Carson Wininger said...

It's not surprising to see why this is your dream car. It's so stylish. I too love old cars like this one. I wonder if I should get this kind of car in the future. But then again, it's not possible for me right now.