Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Company's Coming

My dear friend Heather is coming to stay with me tomorrow night. I've booked Thursday off so we can spend the day being craft monkeys.  The forecast is for a high of 38C, with a humidex reading of FORTY-EIGHT DEGREES CELSIUS!!  Translation for my American readers: that's one hundred and eighteen bloody hot degrees F!!  It didn't get that hot when I was in Australia, for pete's sake!  Sounds like a good day to stay indoors with the air-conditioning on and make something.  Not sure what project(s) we're going to work on, so stay tuned for details.

But first, I have to tidy up. As in, a major instant clean-up is necessary!  Luckily, Heather is that greatest kind of friend, the one who really doesn't care how tidy or messy your home is and even better, understands why you need so many beading and craft supplies and why you need to keep them in the dining room.  I'm expecting that she will even help me to make a great big, wonderful, crafty mess on the dining room table while she's here!

The cats are helping me with the housework.  Okay, they're just supervising and like most effective bosses, will disappear when the hard work starts - or when the vacuum gets turned on, whichever comes first. 

Here's Beans, Gus and Katrina keeping a close eye on the situation (Maggie was on a break):

Gus wasn't sure I cleaned the sink well enough so he jumped in for a closer look:

Luckily, my cleaning efforts passed inspection.

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