Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More "B" Pages

As promised, I have to share some of the letter B themed pages from the art journalling group at Bizzy B, because they are just so darned good!

This first one was made by Barb, the store owner, who had never made a journal page before.  I love it, because it tells about four inspirational women in her life (the ones in the black and white photo) - her mom, her two aunts and her grandmother, all of whom who crafty and ultimately who inspired her to open the Bizzy B store with her husband Tony (shown in the colour photo).

Joanne did a Brady Bunch design using good looking athletic boys, most from the not so distant past, with a picture of Barb in the centre as Mrs. Brady.  

In keeping with the cute boys theme (who knew that more than one journaler would travel down this path for this month's assignment?), this next page is Emma's.  Emma is the youngest member of our group, I'm guessing she's about 14. Which explains the subject of her B page:  in case you can't guess from the content, Emma is a HUGE Justin Bieber fan.  'Nuf said.

Emma's mom, Connie, is my age. We had a lovely discussion with some of the other ladies about Bobby Sherman.  Do you remember him? I had a huge crush on him in the early 70's, when Here Come the Brides was my favourite show (also starring David Soul, who I didn't crush on until Starsky & Hutch).  Bobby was the love of my life until I discovered the Partridge Family and fell in love with David Cassidy.  Based on that discussion, I was hoping Connie's journal page was going to be about Bobby but instead, her theme was "bend or break", based on some good advice she got several years ago during a not so good divorce.  I love the shattered image and the folded (bent) paper, very clever!

My friend Marilyn did a city image, which I also thought was very cool.

Barb took this photo of me with my fellow "journal junkie" pals, (from L to R) Marilyn, Diane and Lorraine, with whom I can often be found crafting or shopping for craft supplies.  The woman on the far right is Kris, she is new to journalling, her specialty is ATC's.

One last photo of Diane and Lorraine, when we met for dinner before the club meeting - Diane is doing show and tell on the left with one of her fabulous Full Tilt Boogie journals (you can read more about them here, she is weeks ahead of me in that class, I haven't had time to start yet, much to my dismay, but I am enjoying what everyone else has been making so much) while Lorraine eats her pizza. Definitely a typical shot of what goes on when we 3 get together!

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