Friday, November 9, 2012

So Long, Jack

I was saddened to hear that Bill Tarmey died today at the age of 71 (read the story here).  He was the actor who played Jack Duckworth on the British soap opera, "Coronation Street".  I've been watching the show since about 1979 (it's been on the air for over 50 years now!) and Jack was a series regular until he retired in 2010.  Jack was a bit of a scoundrel in his day, seeming to have more affection for his pigeons than he did for his wife Vera, but as the years went on, we saw his heart of gold shine through more and more, both with Vera and his friend Tyrone, who was like a son to him.  His character passed away several months ago when he was written out of the show, so we all mourned then but now that it's happened in real life, it is a sad time all over again.  It's hard to believe you can get attached to the characters on a TV program but after watching them for 2.5 hours every week for more than 40 years, I sometimes feel I know them better than my own friends and family!
Rest in peace, Bill and thanks for all the years of entertainment.  You were a good'un.

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