Monday, November 5, 2012

Foiled Again

I've been having trouble using my computer at home since these kittens arrived. They like to hang out on top of the laptop while I type which means they are constantly pushing various buttons accidentally.  Even more if there are 2 or more kittens on top of the laptop keys at once, as often happens.  Often it's the "back" key, which means I end up 2 or 3 websites back from the one was reading.  Sometimes it's the "delete" key, causing me to lose the paragraph I've just typed.  Or it's the brightness key, making the screen dimmer and dimmer.   Even if I sit in a chair with the laptop on my lap, there are always at least 2 kittens all over me and the chair trying to see what's going on on the screen.  It's cute but it's also just a little bit annoying.
Simone, Cherie and Calliope check out the computer.
Now that I am down to only 2 kittens instead of 4, I thought the situation would improve.  So far, not so much.  Then I had a brainwave.  Since I use a wireless keyboard with my laptop screen when I'm seated at the table anyway, I could cover the laptop keyboard with something firm and then if the kittens were to walk across it, as they like to do, no buttons would be pushed, no harm would be done.

I'm am rapidly coming to the conclusion that these kittens are just too smart for me, I should just give up now while I still have a little dignity.  Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahahha! Kitties win again!