Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Election Art

I stayed up all night last night, watching the U.S. election results and then the candidates' speeches.  Mostly on CNN but a little bit on CBC Newsworld as well (interesting to see how the two nations covered the same topic!).  I found it to be quite stressful in the early hours of coverage - way too much red on the map, not enough blue.  It was fun to be be online while all of this was going on, commenting back and forth on Facebook and via email with my American friends. By 2 a.m., I was just plain tired but happy with the result.

I was doing minor things in my journal for part of the evening.  I was too stressed and excited to do anything major but it was calming to do things like stamp text on a couple of pages with individual letters and then cleaning off each letter afterwards.  Very Zen.  Another thing I did was draw this number 6 (for the date).  I drew in the outline with a black  Sharpie and then started colouring it in with red, white and blue Sharpie paint markers.  I drew the red in first, which is a bit unusual for me, as it meant I was working right to left, not something I might normally do considering that I am right-handed, I would normally do left to right.  Painted in the white and then the blue.  It seems I didn't wait long enough for the white to dry and it started to bleed into the blue and very serendipitously, it made little star-like effects.  So appropriate when drawing something that is meant to represent the Stars and Stripes!

Cool, eh?

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