Saturday, November 24, 2012

Near Paris and London

My friend Lorraine and I did some antiquing near Paris and London today.

Ontario, that is.  But we felt like we were in France when we went to the "A Day in the Country" sale in the Caledonia area (about an hour SW of Toronto) hosted by the lovely ladies Kim from Tattered and Torn and Kathy from Eclectic Pelican. 
The Quonset hut/barn where the sale was held.
They always have the coolest stuff and it's always beautifully displayed.

There was this strange white stuff on the ground in the area:

but the ladies were prepared for the suddenly frigid temperatures, with propane heaters helping to take the chill out of the barn.

After we picked up a few things there (I bought a couple of small vintage photo albums, some vintage greeting cards in a beautiful box, a very cool collection of songs and music written out by hand and some letters and envelopes written by soldiers in the World Wars.  One spoke of bathing in a stream with the dead bodies of men and horses in it, I couldn't buy that one, it was too sad), we headed to a little town called St. George to visit Christine of Primitive Heart.

She has the cutest house with a white picket fence:

and a beautifully decorated porch.

Behind the house is a small building which houses her store, which is even cuter:

It was cold enough for one to be tempted into purchasing these long johns on the porch, but I'm pretty sure they were just for display.

Inside everything was festively decorated for the Christmas season.  It was so beautifully done, I actually started to get in the mood, after weeks of saying "it's too early to be thinking about Christmas!".

We found a few more treasures there as well as in a consignment shop on the main street (old books for half price, a Vivien Leigh paper doll book (including the Gone With The Wind curtain outfit!) and packages of cotton quilting squares in every colour of the rainbow for only 50 cents a piece!), followed by a visit to the local pub for lunch before it was time to head home.

Definitely a lovely way to spend a chilly Saturday in November!

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