Sunday, November 4, 2012

Adoption Sunday

One of the other Abbey Cats foster parents posted on Facebook that kittens are usually adopted when they are either 3 or 6 months old.  The Belle Kittens and Calliope were about 3 months old when I read that and will be turning 6 months old next week (they celebrated last week by being spayed!) and sure enough, today, Belle Simone and Calliope were adopted. 

A lovely family came to meet all the kittens this afternoon - a dad, mom and their 3 year old daughter.  The parents have lived with cats all their lives and they wanted to wait until their little girl was old enough to understand how to play with a kitten before introducing a cat to their household.  Apparently this little girl's grandmother has 5 cats, so she's familiar with cats and she certainly seemed pretty excited when she came here and met my foster kittens and my own Maggie (Katrina, of course, was under the bed, unseen!) but was also very careful when petting them.  I did warn them that kittens can be a little dangerous without meaning to be, they just don't always realize those little nails are so sharp, but the parents definitely understand and are prepared for that.  These kittens have such sweet dispositions, they don't bite and would never scratch on purpose, so hopefully the accidental scratches will be few and far between.
Belle Simone
When we spoke on the phone beforehand, the dad advised they were interested in adopting Belle Simone and Belle Matisse.  His first cat was a black cat and he even has a black cat tattooed on his arm as a tribute to her, so Matisse was definitely the one he was interested in.  But as often happens, things can take a different turn when you meet kittens in person as compared to just seeing their photos and reading their descriptions online (much like internet dating but let's not go there!)
During their visit, Belle Cherie spent the entire time under the bed.  She just wasn't coming out but I think she just really wanted a nap rather than to avoid meeting the guests.  The other 3 kittens were their adorable, friendliest best - purring, playing, walking around, rubbing up against the visitors and their cat carrier.  Since Callie didn't know she wasn't their first choice, she was being as social and cute as possible and completely won them over!  Unfortunately, I couldn't convince them to adopt all 4 kittens but that's okay, Matisse and Cherie will get their turn eventually.
Belle Matisse

Belle Cherie
In the meantime, I hope Belle Simone and Calliope will be very happy in their new home, I'm sure they will be. 


Jane Perala said...

I'm so happy two of the kitties have found their forever home - but if I was you I would be bawling my eyes out right now.

Marcia DeCoster said...

Such a sweet story. Glad there are folks like you willing to foster