Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

Seeing as we Canadians had our Thanksgiving about 6 weeks ago and it always falls on a Monday, I'd never paid much attention to Black Friday before.  But this year, not only was it a big topic south of the border, it seems all sorts of Canadian retailers were also having Black Friday sales and doing a lot of advertising about it.  So it was on my radar but I thought I was going to be able to resist temptation, until I got an email from Freckled Fawn around lunchtime which contained this photo:

Of course I clicked on the link and of course I was intrigued by their offer of 5 mystery rolls of washi tape in a grab bag for only $12 (regular price $20), the only advance clue to the purchaser being the choice of colours or style - pink/purple, blue/black/green, red/yellow/orange/pink or letters/numbers.

I succumbed.  I ordered one of each of the last two, which means 10 new rolls of washi tape will soon be making their way to my mailbox. Suddenly Black Friday has an all new, colourful meaning for me!

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