Monday, April 9, 2012


This month's theme for our Journal Junkies club is "steampunk".  When I first starting thinking about this theme, I found this article to be quite informative when trying to answer the question, "what exactly is steampunk?"

If you follow this link, you will find Wikipedia's definition of the word, which features a photo taken by Kyle Cassidy, a photographer with whom I was lucky enough to take a two day class a few years ago. 

If you're still not sure what steampunk is, if you've seen the movie "Hugo" or one of the Sherlock Holmes films starring Robert Downey Jr., that should give you a better understanding of the look of this genre.

Here's the page I made for tonight's meeting:

The face is from a magazine ad, which I then painted over and adapted for my own purposes.  I used acrylic paint, the gear stencils from Crafters Workshop (I have both the 6 and 12 inch sizes, love them!), Distress Inks, a rubber stamp of a clock face, dictionary definitions of "Victorian", "steam engine" and "gear" and a picture of a train that I found on the Internet under "steampunk images".

I used these two highly amusing quotes on my page:

“Steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown.” – Jess Nevins

“It’s sort of Victorian-industrial, but with more whimsy and fewer orphans.” - Caitlin Kittredge

Can't wait to see what everyone else came up with for this theme!

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Anonymous said...

This hilarious YouTube video will educate you as to what is and is not steampunk: If the link doesn't work, google the name of it: Just Glue Some Gears On It (And Call It Steampunk). If you don't laugh out loud while watching, something is wrong!