Sunday, April 15, 2012

Adoption News

The Abbey Cats adoptathon yesterday, hosted by Pet Valu at 3 of their Toronto locations, went well.  Unfortunately for Joy and Yonhee, they were not adopted but other cats were, kittens were spoken for, volunteers came forward to offer to be foster parents, adoption screeners and drivers, and money was donated. 
Joy and Yonhee are in the bottom left of photo
My two did not enjoy spending time in a cage in a strange place (nor did any of the other cats, for that matter), even though it was a lovely tall cage with two high shelves for lounging, they sat together on the bottom the whole time and didn't try out the higher perches.  They seemed to find the cute little kittens in the next cage rather interesting when they were awake and playing, I thought they were adorable both awake and sleeping:
These 2 have a sibling who was hiding at home
when it was time to leave for the pet store!
As a result of the adoptathon, these kittens are now on hold and will be adopted as soon as they are old enough to leave their mom.  Lots of people admired Joy and Yonhee but alas, no one wanted to adopt them, which is fine by me, I am happy to keep them around a little while longer.  They seemed very happy to arrive home and have been doing a lot of sound sleeping since yesterday afternoon.  Although I'm not sure Katrina was as happy to have them back, she'd been out exploring the living room while they were gone - she hasn't ventured that far out into the apartment for weeks now!

But I do have an adoption success story to share - Gus and Beans found a forever home today!  Ironically, they didn't take part in the adoptathon yesterday but we had a phone call about them on the hotline Friday night and a lovely woman and her son came to meet them today.  I told them everything I know about these two - how Gus likes to drink from the bathroom sink tap, they both like to have their tummies rubbed and will fling themselves down on the floor at your feet, belly up, looking for a rub although Beans prefers to have her back scratched even more, one will come running if the other gives a distressed meow for any reason, stuff like that.  Everybody got on like a house on fire and without further ado, it was a done deal. 

As you may recall from my previous posts, these 2 have been adopted and returned twice before.  They first came to stay with me last June and were adopted for the second time in November and then returned three weeks later.  In both cases, I believe the adopters simply weren't ready for the all encompassing commitment of being a pet guardian.

I really hope the third time is the charm for these two special darlings.  I think it will be, I had a really good feeling about this woman and her son.  I am sure the cats will get all the love and attention they deserve from their new family, who are experienced with living with cats, and I'm really pleased about that.  It makes it easier for me to let them go, knowing they are going to be well treated and adored where they are going (just like they were here!)  I will certainly miss them though and I'm sure the other cats in my household will as well, especially Yonhee, who enjoyed playing with Gus.  It's hard to let them go - I have thought many times about adopting them myself but in the end, I knew this was the right decision (although my cat sitter won't be pleased, she loved having them here!)
One last photo from this morning
I wish them both much happiness, I was glad to be a part of their lives this past 10 months, glad to have been able to offer them a loving home while they needed it.


Taylor schapiro said...

That is good news for those two. How many are with you now? Have a good week.

Anonymous said...

The photo of the three kittens clumping is so precious. Yonhee is so gorgeous, I can't understand why she hasn't been snapped up yet. Tears in my eyes for Gus & Beans! I feel like I know them, even though I don't. I do hope that the third time is a charm for them.