Thursday, April 26, 2012

Passport Pangs

I am currently a woman without a passport.  I handed in my application for a new one yesterday and as a result, my old passport was stamped "cancelled" and had the bottom right corner cut off before being handed back to me.  It's a rather disconcerting feeling to know that I can't just head to the airport and jump on a plane or get in the car and drive to the border at a moment's notice.  I won't be able to leave the country (legally) for at least two weeks, until my new passport arrives by registered mail.

As if getting my passport picture taken wasn't enough trauma for one week.  My goodness, it's right up there with bathing suit shopping for giving one a harsh dose of reality as far as your self image is concerned.

I was spoiled by the fact that I actually liked the photo in my old passport.  Granted, I always thought I looked like Puss 'N Boots in Shrek - can you see the resemblance?

Photo courtesy of
Those big brown, sad eyes?  Okay, maybe it's not the best photo either but trust me, it's soooo much better than the new one.

I'm not sure why you're not supposed to smile in a passport photo (heaven forbid you should be excited about travelling).  Why do they make you take off your glasses, I've never had a customs officer ask me to remove mine to ensure I am the same person as in the photo. 

Oh well, so it isn't the greatest photo.  If that's what I've got to do to be able to travel, then that's what I've got to do.  Besides, it could have been worse.  Say what you will about my new passport photo, it will never be as bad as this:
Nick Nolte's mug shot

Then again, it won't be this good either! :)

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