Monday, April 23, 2012

One Dollar Deals - Part 1

I've been so busy lately, I haven't had a chance to share photos of the deals that I scooped up on Easter weekend, most of them for just one dollar a piece. My mom, my sister and I attended not one but two auctions that weekend, one late Friday afternoon and one on Saturday morning.

The Good Friday auction was incredibly busy, there were literally hundreds of people there. When I signed in, I was given #360 as a bidding number. When I paid for my purchases only an hour later, they were already 300 numbers past that and people were still arriving (the auctioneer said he thought they'd be at it until at least 10:30 that night).  It was way too busy for my taste.  There were no seats, everyone was either standing four or five people deep around the tables of goods available or trying to move through the crowd, it was just too crammed to even see what was being auctioned off.  They had three auctioneers working, two inside and one outdoors.

We found out the next day that the reason it was so busy was because it's an annual event for them and over the year, they save a lot of amazing things especially for this sale, which in turn draws a big crowd of both dealers and regular folk. Gems like this vintage toy dishwasher:

and this antique sideboard, which looked hand-carved to me:

One thing in their favour is that they had a sign posted on the wall saying exactly where they would start and in what order they would proceed:

I positioned myself by the starting point and managed to win the bid on the very first item up for auction, which was a box of maybe 20 books. It only cost me $7.00 but all I really wanted were these two pretty book covers:

Outside, as I said, there was more stuff being auctioned off and I couldn't resist bidding on these two white cupboards.  Yup, they only cost me a dollar a piece - what a bargain!

I had barely put them down in the front hall before Gus jumped up to check them out:

After a thorough cleaning, I installed them in my kitchen, one on each side of the window.  After more explorations by the kitten caboodle:
Beans and Yonhee, checking everything out!
I have now filled them with art supplies, creating a lovely little nook for myself to play and enjoy the natural light.

Tomorrow I'll share some photos from the next day's auction finds.

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