Wednesday, April 11, 2012

She Looks Innocent But...

Oh, hi!  Who, me? I'm just sitting here, minding my own business.  Nice boots, by the way. Yes, I am cute, aren't I?
lying in wait
What am I doing? No, no, I'm not up to anything, just thought this would be a cool place to hang out, here by the door.  It's not like I'm waiting to ambush anyone who might be coming down the hall, if they didn't realize I was here.   Of course I wouldn't jump out and chase them!
Besides, I never seem to catch her when I do...
missed again!
I just can't figure out how she knows that I'm here?
Who's waiting for whom?


Miss Heidi said...

Silly yitty yatts.

Art After Midnight said...

love your kitty stories. in between pets right now, longing for one, so living vicariously thru your kitty clan and Heidis. So-more stories please :)