Friday, April 13, 2012


Tomorrow Abbey Cat Adoptions is holding an adoptathon at 3 Pet Valu stores in the Toronto area (click on the link to see the locations).  I am taking Yonhee and Joy along for the day in the hope that someone will meet them, fall in love and want to take them home, either together or individually.
Check out those blue eyes!
a pretty tuxedo girl
Having spent the past few months with them in my home, I can't understand why they haven't been adopted yet.  They are both the sweetest of cats.  They have been taking turns ruling the roost, that is for sure, they are definitely at the top of the chain and don't hesitate to let the others know every now and again that they are the queen but it's not a problem. Joy seems to be the one at the very top of the pyramid of feline power but she is not mean about it.  Yonhee accepts that Joy is the boss, probably because she can still lord it over the others but again, she's just so darned cute - did I mention she is smaller than any of the others? - that you can't hold it against her.   As for their interaction with the others, it seems to involve more chasing about in (what I hope is) a playful manner or taking over a certain chair these days (or, in Yonhee's case, attempted ambushes as I described the other day) as opposed to the hissing and spitting that took place when they first arrived and before everyone settled into life here together.

I have mixed feelings about taking them tomorrow. Of course I want them to be adopted and go to a loving home but at the same time, they have each been here for about a few months now (Yonhee since before Xmas and Joy since early February) and of course, I can't help but get attached. I'm also not keen on the idea of them spending several hours in a cage either (they will be together in a large cage and they'll have food, water and a litter box, of course) but you have to try various ways to get them into the public eye in order to facilitate an adoption. 

Gus and Beans will not be going tomorrow though.  They were involved in a similar adoptathon last year and they just didn't like being in the cage and having all the people around, or being in the unfamiliar surroundings. They never did relax and after a hour or two, I took them home again.  We will be monitoring Yonhee and Joy the whole time and if they are seriously unhappy, they will not have to spend all day in the pet store either.

But it's worth a try.  Finding a permanent, loving home for these beautiful girls is the number one priority.  And if it doesn't work out, they are welcome to stay with me as long as they need to!

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kt40s said...

oh what sweet animals I have a good feeling someone is going to see what you see in them.