Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Dollar Deals - Part 2

The auction my mom, my sister and I went to on the Saturday of Easter weekend also had some really cool stuff available.  All 3 of us wanted this fabulous cupboard:

I really liked this vintage amusement park sign from New Orleans but I found the clown face to be quite frightening:

There were Beatles magazines

and White Star memorabilia.

I ended up getting two more boxes of books for only $1 a piece.  Several of them have amazing 50's style artwork, like this gem:

And for my third dollar, I got a retro kitchen table that looks very much like this one:
Photo courtesy of espanola.canadianlisted.com,
set for sale for $600!
Can you believe it? For only one dollar!  I can't show you a picture of mine just yet since I took the legs off to transport it home and the pieces remain unassembled on my balcony at this time (it's been a little cold outside the past few weeks, not at all conducive to balcony activities).  Unfortunately, it was just the table so I'm on the look out for a chair or two to go with it but as summer's garage sale/outdoor antique show season approaches, I suspect I will have lots to choose from!

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