Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Daguerrotype Boyfriend

When I read Mary Ann Moss' blog post entitled "Torn Between 2 Lovers" yesterday, featuring her fabulous sketch of an old black and white photograph, I was reminded of a website I'd heard about a few months ago called "My Daguerreotype Boyfriend" (which I thought I'd mentioned here before, but of which I can find no record, so forgive me if this is a duplication).  It features pictures of handsome men from days of old.  [At the moment, there are a few photos of men who sailed on the Titanic, some who survived and one who didn't - it certainly makes for fascinating reading, and not just because they are handsome.]

Thought I'd share a few from my collection:

Some of this gaggle of guys are half naked!

Even under the damage to this photo,
you can see this guy is sporting quite the beard,
which he probably thought was pretty spiffy.
I'm not so sure.
A handsome sailor

This gentleman looks like a movie star, doesn't he?
Check out those eyebrows!
I'm thinking these guys are acrobats,
working for a travelling circus.

This one reminds me of someone I dated right after
high school, who didn't have such an elaborate
mustache, I must admit.
(I also love the backdrop for these 2 photos)

Two more handsome sailors
(who don't look too pleased to wearing
these outfits!)

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karensmith said...

Aww. So sweet. I'd love to read more of your stories in the future!

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