Friday, April 27, 2012

Bad Girl Art

My friend Adrienne has recently been sharing this hilarious artwork on Facebook made by Bad Girl Art.  I have been enjoying the artwork so much, it always makes me laugh out loud, but I hadn't really focused in on the artist before today.

Having now visited their FB page and Googled them, I can now tell you that the artist is a woman named Keithley Pearce from Richmond, VA.

Here's a couple of samples, used here completely without permission but with sincere apologies if I'm causing any offense or breaking any copyright laws:

Go here to check out the website (which is sadly not nearly as funky as their art work) or here if you want to buy something functional and/or unusual, such as a tampon case (with a clever caption such as "PMS doesn't bother me, you bother me"), featuring Keithley's artwork. 

Then go "like" them on Facebook and check out the many examples of hilarity to be found on their page.  Trust me, it will be worth it!

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Miss Heidi said...

Yes Cynthia their stuff is great. they show up on my face book all the time. Probably when I need to see it.