Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Behind the Scenes

Here are some photos from behind the scenes at last night's filming of "Animal House Calls" on CTV/CP24.

Yonhee did really well, all things considered. She was very nervous after 45 minutes in the carrier in the car but didn't make a peep the whole way there, just lay down and tried to nap.  When we arrived, we met up with another foster parent, Daria, who had brought along Dulsie.
Dulsie and Daria
Dulsie was as calm as could be, she was out of the carrier and hanging out on the table in the small boardroom where we waited until it was showtime.

I thought Yonhee was better off staying snug in her carrier until it was time to go on air.  I'm sure she would have disappeared somewhere if she was let loose!

Other guests on the show were a rabbit (for the segment on why it's not a good idea to bring a rabbit home for Easter if you're just going to dump it in a shelter a month later)

and three cute little kittens - here's Leonard cuddling up to host Ann Rohmer just before they went out to do a promo tease a few minutes before the show actually began.

Alas, didn't get a good photo of Ms. Rohmer, who is just as nice in person as she appears on TV. She is also very considerate of the animals, she knew Yonhee was nervous and made sure not to keep her on air for longer than necessary.
Grooming the kittens pre-show
There was also a boston terrier/pug mix puppy that was as cute as could be but moving too fast to be photographed.  His handler was warned to keep him away from the rabbit, who might bite!

Here's how close we were to the studio:

Yonhee was quite squirmy when she was on screen but she looked beautiful (according to this unbiased foster parent, anyway!).  When her turn was over, it took me and 2 of the very kind crew members to get her back into her carrier, which we spent several minutes doing just off camera.  I was sure she was going to get loose and disappear in the studio somehow but luckily, that didn't happen.

Marion from Abbey Cats was the spokesperson and did a great job.  Here she is on screen with Ann and Dulsie:

The Abbey Cats hotline has had at least one call about adopting Yonhee already, from someone who saw her on air, so that is positive.  We'll see how things work out. That person will need to be screened to see if they are a suitable candidate. 

In the meantime, Yonhee is very glad to be home safe and sound.  I'm sure she's thinking, "hmm, a ride in the car but no needles and no medicine, what was that all about?"


Zoe Nelson said...

We're you trying to get her in the carrier head first? Sometimes it's easier to put them in back-end first. And tip the carrier up on end. Hopefully you'll only have to do that once more - when she goes home!

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Zoe, my preferred method is the "pillowcase over the head and whole cat into the bag" one, so the cat can't see that you're about to dunk them in a carrier and they can't get a firm footing to avoid it. But couldn't get that to work on the floor of the studio so yes, it was eventually the back end first way that worked! :)