Thursday, November 18, 2010

Choosing a Desktop Background

My new laptop came with this picture loaded as the default desktop background photo:

It is a painting/drawing by someone named Laura Barnard.  I quite like it.

Went exploring around my control panel today to see what other choices were available and discovered there are several desktop pictures loaded on my machine, some provided by Windows, some by Hewlitt Packard.  There are a couple of other LB pictures available in that mix.  I also like this one, although I tend to feel there might be a reason to duck any minute, one of those pigeons might be about to drop something a little unpleasant on my head, don't you think?

There are several "Canadian" scenes, including this classic shot of Spirit Island in Maligne Lake, Alberta (been there, bought the postcard):

There are cutesy pictures, architectural photos, scenes from nature, stuff your kids might like and funky, psychedelic shots available too. This one makes me think of the Beatles, "Yellow Submarine"-style art work:

At the moment, I'm trying out this one called "Bird Island" by Amy Ruppel:

Although now that it's evening, this one is appealing to me:


Anonymous said...

your desktop came from this very talented illustrator.

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Very interesting, thank you!