Saturday, November 27, 2010


ACK!! Just looked out the window and realized we're having a mini blizzard outside all of a sudden!

It's my own fault and I do apologize.  Just yesterday, I was discussing with my boss the fact that we haven't had any snow on the ground here in Toronto for the entire month of November, highly unusual.  Clearly, I jinxed it.  What was I thinking? The month still had four days to go and I had to open my big mouth.

Every year, we have snow at some point in November, which allows me to say, "don't worry, it never stays on the ground before the end of November."  I know this because my birthday is the end of November,  and I've been keeping track all these years (it's a very scientific process).  Any snow that falls in November here in the city always melts long before the month of December arrives.  Of course, in December, it's a different story altogether but we're not talking about that, we're talking about SNOW!  Outside, on the ground.  RIGHT NOW!! And here's me, without my new pair of winter boots, which I was literally planning to go buy TOMORROW!! Geez. 

Okay, good news, it was just a squall.  Five minutes later, here's the same view again:

I hadn't heard the forecast yet this morning, now that I have, I will stop panicking.  That little dusting of icing sugar you can see in the picture above will be gone in no time.  Flurries off and on today but a high of 4 tomorrow and 7 on Monday, so, like I always say, it never lasts before the end of November!

Update:  two hours later, it's like it never happened:

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